Monday, August 30, 2010

FREE Muscle Building & Fat Shredding Workout!

If you're super-serious about extreme muscle-gaining and fat-shredding results, you need to listen up and get on the edge of your seat.


Because something that has NOT been available for four months, Vince Del Monte's Maximize Your Muscle system, will be re-opening to welcome new members for 3 days ONLY.

Then it's, "Sorry, join the waiting list" for another 4 months.

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Truthfully, this is NOT for everyone… but if you do meet the requirements you'll be glad to know that Vince is allowing you to check out Phase 1 of his advanced muscle-building (and this is equally effective for fat loss) system for only ONE BUCK! (no joke)

Vince is making an enormous promise to you. He does not claim you with HIT your genetic potential but he claims you will blow BEYOND it.
Vince even claims that he's in the business of "doing the impossible" he's that confident.

Want proof?

Check out mind-blowing results from his previous members who defeated the "impossible" and proved that Vince is in the business of doing the impossible (many of these pics belong in magazines):

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I've grown to know Vince over the past few years and I can vouch that had to overcome of the worst genetics EVER.

I've grown to admire and respect his achievements, inside and outside of the gym, and I know you will too.

However, let me say that Maximize Your Muscle is for SUPER SERIOUS people.

This is not for people who show up to the gym late, slide out early, bounce from program to program, cheat on your workouts, cry to their doctor if they are sore and prefer to look like the norm...

Vince attracts people who want something beyond the norm in terms of their body and their life. If that sounds like you, then this might be the luckiest day of your life:

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If you're ready to dominate your plateaus, crank up your results, increase your muscle, get ripped and switch your metabolism to turbo, just like Vince did, then take advantage of this amazing opportunity that will disappear Thursday night at midnight.

Lastly, via Vince's monthly workout DVD, newsletter and coaching call, you'll be challenged more than just physically - he'll push you emotionally, intellectually, relationally and spiritually. Vince has achieved more, by the age of 30, than most do in their entire lives… he's truly someone you want as a mentor and friend.

Please visit the website to read more about this INSANE and life-changing (in the literal sense) opportunity to blow beyond your genetic limits - inside and outside of the gym:

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As Vince would say, LIVE LARGE!

P.S. Skeptical? Just check out the before and after pictures of previous members and let them doing the talking if this sounds to good to be true:

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