Thursday, July 30, 2009

I promise you ONE thing...

Around the world millions of men and women just like you are wakingup to the harsh reality of factory farmed food and unsafe meat"processing plants".

(Eww, "meat processing plant" is a term that never should have beeninvented!)

And that means the food we eat - no matter what country we live in -seems to get more dangerous every year.

"But", you say, "all the nutrition books say I need to eat meat toget 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. How can I do that ifI don't have beef, chicken, and protein shakes at every meal?"

Well, the answer is easy.

In fact, Kardena Pauza, America's #1 Vegetarian and Vegan NutritionExpert put together a Done-For-Your Meal Plan System that proves you don't need all that protein...
...or all that meat.

And you can still transform your body. After all, just look at herradiant physique and complexion. And you know she's healthy on the inside, too.

Excessive protein intake is over-rated, but nutrition remains themost powerful part of any transformation program.

So if you want to transform your body while eating less factoryfarmed meat - or even while completely eliminating it - then here'swhat you must do...

First, visit Kardena's website to find out how she struggled, just like you, with the SAD Diet...
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Let me know how the Veggie Meal Plans work for you,

PS - By the way, I just enjoyed another amazing vegan smoothie fromKardena's meal plans. It was heavenly.

You're going to feel amazing on these Meal Plans. Looking forward to your success.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 Healthy Recipes for Ripped 6 Pack Abs

Shhh don't tell anyone, but I'm going to give you 3 great recipes from the Veggie Meal Plan that I have been writing about lately. I'm not about to become a full time vegetarian, but having a veggie meal is a nice change from time to time.

Here are 3 awesome recipes from Kardena Pauza's EasyVeggie Meal Plans.
Let me know what you think of them!

1) Strawberry-Mango Smoothie - 385 calories
1 cup strawberries stemmed
1/2 mango peeled
3/4 cup/6 oz Almond milk or Raw almond yogurt
4 Brazilian Nuts (Raw & Soaked)
2 tsp agave or brown rice syrup or Really Raw Honey, or 2-3 Dates
1 medium sized Cucumber
1 tsp NutriBiotic Vanilla Brown Rice Protein Powder
Add ˝ Cup Water and blend together
Optional: Dash Stevia, water, ice to taste only

Place all ingredients in a high powered blender. Add several cubes of ice if desired and blend until smooth. Continue adding ice untildesired consistency is reached. Pour into glass and garnish with mint leaf as option.

2) Breakfast Quinoa - Calories 369, Carbs 46g, Protein 15g, Fat 13g
1/4 cup uncooked quinoa
2 Tbsp hemp seeds
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk or fresh made almond milk
1 Tbsp raisins
1 med fresh peachź teaspoon vanilla extract
Stevia or agave nectar to sweeten

Rinse Quinoa and combine with almond milk and water. Bring to aslow simmer, then cover and cook for about 15 minutes until the quinoa is tender. Stir in the remaining ingredients and place in food processor or blender and puree slightly. Ready to eat.

3) Portobello Mushroom Burger - 365 Calories (Craig Ballantyne'sFavorite Veggie Recipe!)
1 Portobello mushroom cap
.5 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tsp olive oil
dash dried basil
dash dried oregano
dash minced garlic
1 oz (2 tbsp) sharp cheese or vegan cheese
1 tablespoons bottled teriyaki sauce
1 slices of Ezekiel bread
1 cup of tomato (slices)
Sea salt and pepper to taste

Place the mushroom caps, smooth side up, in a shallow dish. In a small bowl, whisk together vinegar, oil, basil, oregano, garlic,salt, and pepper. Pour over the mushrooms. Let stand at room temperature for 15 minutes or so, turning twice. Preheat grill formedium-high heat. Brush grate with oil. Place mushrooms on the grill, reservingmarinade for basting. Grill for 5 to 8 minutes on each side, oruntil tender. Brush with marinade frequently. Top with cheese during the last 2 minutes of grilling.

And remember, if you don't want to, you don't have to go vegetarianeveryday, but in this day of "agri-business", "factory farming","E.coli outbreaks", and "industrial agriculture pollution", there'sa lot to be said about building a better body without meat.

Just a few of Kardena's recipes will help you transform your bodywhen added to any meal plan.

Click here for all of the meal plans and recipes at HALF-OFF:

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Gym is keeping people FAT!! (Veggie meal plan update)

I'm about to let you in on a secret as to why I have gotten so lean (over 30lbs lost this year!) and will soon see my ripped 6 pack abs!

The secret is that I have never taken my gym up on this sign:

Okay so its not the best secret in the world, but I do not take my gym up on their offer. America has a serious obesity problem and my gym is not helping the problem!! If you want to offer free food, offer egg white omlettes in the morning and some veggies and chicken at night!

Actually, I really don't have any secrets, I have used Turbulence Training religously since January and I have really eaten a lot healthier in the time from too! I will have my Transformation Contest 5 photos up early next week!

I have an update on the new Veggie meal plans below, but I wanted to let you know I am researching meal plans that include meat. Its a lot easier to lose weight when you can follow a program. One of the hardest parts of weight loss is the correct way to eat healthy so I want to find a meal plan (with meat) that will help us do this!

Veggie Meal Plans

First let me start by saying that I purchased this meal plan and have tried a bunch of the recipes and have not had a disappointing meal yet! Some of the shakes are awesome and I would have never believed that you could have a tastey shake that included spinach in it!!

Yes, the meal plans are late and Craig sends his apologies!

But based on your feedback, Kardena has created a full, ADVANCED 90-day fat loss Veggie Meal Plan program for men AND women.

Plus, Craig begged her to go through her vegan recipe files and puttogether a "101 Vegan Recipes" cookbook as well.

You can get all of these Veggie Meal Plan resources and MORE here:

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Here's what you'll get...

Fast Action Bonus #1) The Awesome "Defend Your Diet" Coaching Call
This call between Kardena Pauza and Craig Ballantyne will help youanswer all your Veggie Meal Plan critics and avoid confrontationand peer pressure.
(I've never seen anyone do anything like this to help their readersovercome rude & insensitive people.)

Fast Action Bonus #2) The Raw Foods Smoothies Bonus
Raw Food expert, Kevin Gianni gives you 8 of his best smoothies. Ifyou're like me and love blender drinks, this bonus is going to keepyou energized and getting results with convenient, nutrient richsmoothies.

#3) The Complete Easy Vegetarian Lifestyle Book
You'll discover everything you need - from beginner to advanced -about living the Vegetarian Lifestyle and eliminating animalproducts from your meals so you can live healthier and transformyour body.

#4) The Easy Veggie Meal Plans
You'll get a 90-day meal plan (for men or women) full of vegan mealsthat will save you time and money. You'll have more energy and abetter body without tainted meat or factory farmed Frankenfoods.

These meal plans will also include alternatives for men and womenwho want to include dairy and/or eggs in their meal plans.

#5) The Quick Start Veggie Meal Plans Coaching Call
Here's everything you need to know to get started on the VeggieLifestyle, and you'll avoid "rookie mistakes" or worse, avoidfalling back into your old bad eating habits.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drinking your way fat? 2 Zero Cal Alternatives to Water

During the last month of the Transformation Contest 5 (12 days left) I have really been strict with my diet. I have also been very strict with the liquids I have been drinking. I am only drinking water and 2 cups of black coffee in the morning with Stevia (a zero calorie all natural sweetener).

I have nothing against fruit juice (all natural, of course) or fat free milk, but when you are on a calorie restrictive diet, you really don't want to waste calories on liquids.

For example, 8oz of both orange and apple juice are around 110 calories. If you are on a 2,000 calorie diet, you just wasted almost 6% of your calorie allocation for the day! And that is if you only drink 8oz, which I'm sure many people drink a lot more than 8oz. Personally I would rather have those calories back and consume a lean source of protein so I feel fuller.

I was discussing my concept of wasting calories by consuming calorie filled liquids with a co-worker and she said she couldn't just drink water all day, that it is just too plain. She said she could drink diet soda though.

"NO!!" I shouted at her. Just because diet soda does not have any calories does not make it healthy. You can actually gain weight from the sodium in diet soda! It's called water retention. Sure its not fat, but most people measure their success by of the scale. If your weight goes up, you will surely be discouraged and you may be inclined to binge.

Instead of diet soda, I suggested these 2 alternatives to water:

1. Add Lemons and Limes: Cutting up a lemon or a lime and putting it into your water is a great way to give some taste to plain water. Plus there are studies that show that lemon juice helps with weight loss!

2. Green Tea: When I need a break from water I turn to Green Tea! It is one of the best zero calorie drinks out there and its antioxidants also can assist with weight loss. If you're thinking that you can't drink a hot cup of tea in the afternoon, I agree. That is why I brew a pot at a time and keep a pitcher in my fridge. Nothing is better on a hot summer afternoon than a glass of Iced Green Tea.

I hope this helps show you some ways to add a little variety and still not consume extra calories or sodium from liquids.

PS. I heard from Craig Ballantyne about the Veggie Meal Plans. He sends his apologies, but wanted me to let you know that a more advanced meal plan will be available next Monday at 12pm EST. I will provide more info once I get it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vegetarian Breakfast for Ripped 6 Pack Abs

Yesterday was a partial 'refeed' for me so I was allowed to have breakfast on Jon Benson's Radical Fat Loss Blueprint (Get your F-R-E-E copy by clicking on the link on the right side of the blog). I decided to give Kardena Pauza's meal plan a whirl for breakfast.

I tried her Day 2 breakfast and cooked the scrabled egg wrap with pineapple. It was delicous and really simple to cook! Not to mention without having anymeat I also got 54g of protein!


Wrap/scrambled eggs
2 cups Egg whites
2 low carb tortilla
1/8 oz. low fat Monterey jack cheese
Vegetables- onion, cilantro, bell peppers,

3/4 cup pineapple - I ate these on the side


Scramble eggs with or without vegetables. Place
in tortilla and add cheese & veggies (if added
fresh). Add seasonings or salsa.

Remember you can get your free vegetarian meal plan for free here:

Even if you need meat in your diet, a vegetarain meal here and there can really help ensure you get enough veggies, which will help get you lean and get you ripped.

And remember, they are gone at midnight tonight!

I guarantee you'll feel so much better on her vegetarian diet thanon any diet you could design for yourself.

After all, do you really think you can eat better than this?


So if you are struggling to change your body or have more energy or even to stop being hungry all the time, then isn't it time you got meal planning advice from a professional?

Don't try and design a diet yourself...get professional help now!

PS - When you get your copy of the Meal Plans...'ll also be added to the VIP List where you'll get access to an extra 25% off the full Easy Veggie Meal Plans System when it is released on Monday, July 27th.

Kardena is practically giving away her full Meal Plans System for72 hours, and as a VIP you'll get the lowest introductory price possible.

So don't wait any longer, get your 7-day sample veggie meal planshere and become a VIP on the Vegetarian Lifestyle:

"It is the position of the American Dietetic Association andDietitians that appropriately planned VEGETARIAN DIETS arehealthful, nutritionally adequate and provide health benefits inthe prevention and treatment of certain diseases."American Dietetic Association

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's Lunch, A Lean and Healthy Menu

I know I keep saying how important your diet is to get ripped 6 pack abs, so I've decided to share mine (in picture form) with everyone.

For lunch today I had some spinach with a chopped up green bell pepper and onion and a chicken breast. The chicken breast is topped with a black bean salsa. I do not know how many calories are on this plate and I do not care. If you look at my plate over 50% of it is covered with veggies with the remaining piece filled with a source of lean protein.

The only item I am missing from this meal is a piece of fruit. Since I'm doing Jon Benson's Radical Fatloss Blueprint (link to your f-r-e-e copy on the right) and it requires me to limit my carb intake. I'm withholding from fruit during most of my meals and obtaining my carbs from fiber filled veggies. BUT normally I would also have some sort of fruit to go along with this meal.


Craig and Kardena's vegetarian F-R-E-E meal plan are only available until Friday so get it today!

Guys, I know what your thinking vegetarian meal plans are for girls. BUT they're not!! Check out these athletes:

Bill Pearl - the legendary bodybuilder. He became a vegetarian several decades ago (1969) and still managed to win the Mr. Universe title in 1971 without drugs or meat in his diet.

Carl Lewis - Lewis was once the world's fastest man (winning the Gold Medal in the 100m sprints at the 1988 Olympics) and Lewis once said...

“Can a world-class athlete get enough protein from a vegetarian diet to compete? I’ve found that a person does not need protein from meat to be a successful athlete. In fact, my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet.”

So you can be fast, lean, muscular, and athletic on a vegetarian diet. This last example is one of the coolest arguments for a vegetarian diet.

Mac Danzig - the UFC fighter who is ripped to shreds and who won season 6 of the Ultimate Fighter show on Spike.

I mean, if you can kick someone's butt on a veggie diet while having single digit body fat and ripped six pack abs, then you've got my attention.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free Vegetarian Meal Plans!!!

I know the economy really stinks, so I want to offer you something for free that can help us get to our goal of getting ripped 6 pack abs.

Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training has worked with Vegetarian Nutrition Expert Kardena Pauza to put together a great vegetarian meal plan program. And for the next 72 hours they are offering one of the meal plans to all of us for FREE!!

Go here and grab these meal plans at no cost to you:

It's their gift to you because they want to share the VegetarianLifestyle with everyone who is struggling with their diet and who wants more energy.

After all, we get emails EVERY DAY from folks who have questionsabout Vegetarian Diets, but no one was offering them a solution.

Kardena shows you how easy, simple, and convenient it is to live theVegetarian Lifestyle.

You'll have the best vegetarian diet coach in the world, KardenaPauza, telling you EXACTLY what to eat!

I guarantee you will have more energy and you'll even startdramatically transforming your body in just 7 days.

Just go here and grab those meal plans today:

I already have mine and I suggest you get yours too! I'm not even a vegetarian and I'm going to give some of these meals a try! There's no other obligation, just put in your name and email and you will receive your free meal plan.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A 6 Pack Abs Lunch and Musings from the Gym.

I had a very healthy an quick lunch today (thanks to some prep work yesterday). Although I am not a huge fan, I had a pouch of tuna (Isn't as fishy tasting as a can) today. When it come to fish I'd really prefer salmon, tilapia, shrimp or lobster, but my wife has plenty of tuna in the pantry and Jon Benson's Radical Fat Loss Blueprint (see link at the right for your free copy) says I should eat it.

So how did I make it so I liked it? I added veggies!! Last night I cut up a bunch of bell peppers and some green onions so that I could use them while cooking this week. I threw the bell peppers and green onions in with the tuna and mixed all of that with 1 tbsp of mayo (made with olive oil). I then added some balsamic vinegar to totally make sure I got rid of the fishy taste.

Overall it was a meal that was very low in cals but had a decent amount of protein. This is a very quick meal that will really help me get ripped and get to see my 6 pack.

For the vegetarians/vegans out there, I will have a free vegetarian/vegan meal plan for you on Wed. Craig for Turbulence Training has put a new meal plan system together with no meat products and is offering me 1 of the meal plans from his system for free on Wed. Good thing I will be able to share it with you!

Gym Musings

I'm going to add a section to my blog about what I see and hear in the gym, whether it is good or bad or just really odd!

Today I was in the gym and saw this overweight guy go to the Smith machine to do squats. There is no squat rack in my gym so we are forced to use the Smith machine for heavy squats (My gym is kinda like Average Joes from 'Dodgeball', but that story is for another day). This guy proceeds to load up the Smith machine to around 245lbs and I was impressed. Well I was impressed until I saw him perform the squat. He could barely make it halfway down and his thighs were no where near parallel to the ground!

After seeing this, I reminded myself that in order to see the results I wanted that I would have to check my ego at the door. If that means I have to lower a weight so I can do an exercise with proper form, then I will lower the weight. Doing an exercise 'halfway' or without proper form will not get you any results, or not the results you are looking for.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

1 Month left of TC#5, Ripped, 6 Pack Abs possible?

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.

There's only one month remaining the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest 5 so its time for me to get really serious and make sure I give it my all to get ripped 6 pack abs. It's not like I wasn't serious since the beginning of the contest, but I believe I burnt myself out in TC4 because I started off too strong.

For this contest I was dieting and exercising hard, but I did not restrict my calories as much as TC4.

Now with 1 month remaining in the contest I plan to get very strict with my diet and restrict my calories a little bit more. I currently weight 183lbs (11lbs lost so far) and I figure I need to drop down to 176-178lbs by the end of the contest to reach my goal of 6 pack abs and 10% body fat. In order to reach my desired weight I will have to lose 2lbs of fat a week. This is possible, but it will not be easy.

I sat down and looked at the last 4 weeks and have come up with a plan for my diet and exercise and have also added 1 supplement.


I am still taking my fish oil and multi-vitamin. I'm not a big believer in any supplements out of fitness/muscle magazines because most of the guys in those ads are taking steroids.

The one supplement I will use is creatine. Creatine is not going to help me lose fat and get ripped. Since I will be restricting my calories I want to ensure that I will not lose muscle and creatine will help me do this.


I started the TT Buff Dudes - Hot Chicks workout again. This workout really helped me lose a lot of fat during TC4 so why re-invent the wheel? If I know a workout burns fat and it has been a couple months since I've completed it, why not go back to it?

I am also going to add some light cardio to my week. I plan to take my son and dog on an hour walk at least 4 nights during the week. I know what you're thinking, 'Mike you hate long boring cardio!' You're right, but I'm considering this family bonding time!


As I've said above, I'm going to be restricting my calories even further. I do not know how much though. I've read Jon Benson's Radical Fat Loss Blueprint (see link on the right to get your free copy) and plan to adopt most of it to my diet. What I will not include from Jon's plan is his use of supplements and his exercise program. To avoid restricting my calories too much I also added a 4th meal per day.

Jon's diet plan goes around carb cycling. For each meal from Mon-Thurs I will have a lean source of protein (Chicken, Low Fat Ground Beef, Fish) along with a fibrous vegetable (carb) like broccoli.

On Friday and Sat I will have no carbs at all and will only eat egg whites and Bison (don't knock it until you've tried it. It tastes just like ground beef.) Sunday, I will have a cheat meal at lunch and a dinner of a salad, source of lean protein and vegetable.

I'm really pumped for this last month of the contest. I've already seen some great results in the mirror and am hoping to come very close to see some ripped 6 pack abs by the end!

I will definitely be giving updates to let everyone know if my diet and exercise programs are working!

PS. For those of you who don't eat meat, I will have a special treat for you on Wed. I will be able to give you a free vegetarian meal plan that will help you lose weight and get ripped and toned!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Michael Jackson Died from Exercise?!?

Editor's Note: Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you. This a guest post that I found really informative as I have surfed through the news media regarding the King of Pop's death. When I heard the possible reason that he exercised too much, I fell to the floor laughing.

By Jon Benson:

Lies and more lies.
I'm sad to see the media jumping on the dangerous bandwagon they have chosen to hitch their star to.

And the star that is suffering the most is not Michael Jackson:

It's you.

Let me explain.

When a celebrity passes away the world takes notice.

And the world of the media often grabs ahold of whatever they can to keep the buzz alive.
Early this week they grabbed something they shouldn't have...
... and I responded.

I created what I feel is my best video yet to tell you all about it.
Go watch this --
Michael Jackson Lies
The media pulled in some "expert" to suggest that Michael Jackson's untimely death may have been due to...
... ready?

"Working out too much at middle-age."

Oh, brother.
Watch my video and see the other lies as well...
... plus the truth.
Not from me... from the scientific community and from real facts.

Here's a hint:

Working out "more" intense, but "shorter" can save you from a heart attack when you're over 40.

And no matter your age it can take the stubborn bodyfat off.

Go see the truth:
Michael Jackson Lies

Oh, by the way...
4th of July 4-Day Half-Off-Special

I hope you're enjoying your 4th of July weekend as well!
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