Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's Lunch, A Lean and Healthy Menu

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I know I keep saying how important your diet is to get ripped 6 pack abs, so I've decided to share mine (in picture form) with everyone.

For lunch today I had some spinach with a chopped up green bell pepper and onion and a chicken breast. The chicken breast is topped with a black bean salsa. I do not know how many calories are on this plate and I do not care. If you look at my plate over 50% of it is covered with veggies with the remaining piece filled with a source of lean protein.

The only item I am missing from this meal is a piece of fruit. Since I'm doing Jon Benson's Radical Fatloss Blueprint (link to your f-r-e-e copy on the right) and it requires me to limit my carb intake. I'm withholding from fruit during most of my meals and obtaining my carbs from fiber filled veggies. BUT normally I would also have some sort of fruit to go along with this meal.


Craig and Kardena's vegetarian F-R-E-E meal plan are only available until Friday so get it today!

Guys, I know what your thinking vegetarian meal plans are for girls. BUT they're not!! Check out these athletes:

Bill Pearl - the legendary bodybuilder. He became a vegetarian several decades ago (1969) and still managed to win the Mr. Universe title in 1971 without drugs or meat in his diet.

Carl Lewis - Lewis was once the world's fastest man (winning the Gold Medal in the 100m sprints at the 1988 Olympics) and Lewis once said...

“Can a world-class athlete get enough protein from a vegetarian diet to compete? I’ve found that a person does not need protein from meat to be a successful athlete. In fact, my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet.”

So you can be fast, lean, muscular, and athletic on a vegetarian diet. This last example is one of the coolest arguments for a vegetarian diet.

Mac Danzig - the UFC fighter who is ripped to shreds and who won season 6 of the Ultimate Fighter show on Spike.

I mean, if you can kick someone's butt on a veggie diet while having single digit body fat and ripped six pack abs, then you've got my attention.

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