Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Gym is keeping people FAT!! (Veggie meal plan update)

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I'm about to let you in on a secret as to why I have gotten so lean (over 30lbs lost this year!) and will soon see my ripped 6 pack abs!

The secret is that I have never taken my gym up on this sign:

Okay so its not the best secret in the world, but I do not take my gym up on their offer. America has a serious obesity problem and my gym is not helping the problem!! If you want to offer free food, offer egg white omlettes in the morning and some veggies and chicken at night!

Actually, I really don't have any secrets, I have used Turbulence Training religously since January and I have really eaten a lot healthier in the time from too! I will have my Transformation Contest 5 photos up early next week!

I have an update on the new Veggie meal plans below, but I wanted to let you know I am researching meal plans that include meat. Its a lot easier to lose weight when you can follow a program. One of the hardest parts of weight loss is the correct way to eat healthy so I want to find a meal plan (with meat) that will help us do this!

Veggie Meal Plans

First let me start by saying that I purchased this meal plan and have tried a bunch of the recipes and have not had a disappointing meal yet! Some of the shakes are awesome and I would have never believed that you could have a tastey shake that included spinach in it!!

Yes, the meal plans are late and Craig sends his apologies!

But based on your feedback, Kardena has created a full, ADVANCED 90-day fat loss Veggie Meal Plan program for men AND women.

Plus, Craig begged her to go through her vegan recipe files and puttogether a "101 Vegan Recipes" cookbook as well.

You can get all of these Veggie Meal Plan resources and MORE here:

=> Veggie Meal Plans

Here's what you'll get...

Fast Action Bonus #1) The Awesome "Defend Your Diet" Coaching Call
This call between Kardena Pauza and Craig Ballantyne will help youanswer all your Veggie Meal Plan critics and avoid confrontationand peer pressure.
(I've never seen anyone do anything like this to help their readersovercome rude & insensitive people.)

Fast Action Bonus #2) The Raw Foods Smoothies Bonus
Raw Food expert, Kevin Gianni gives you 8 of his best smoothies. Ifyou're like me and love blender drinks, this bonus is going to keepyou energized and getting results with convenient, nutrient richsmoothies.

#3) The Complete Easy Vegetarian Lifestyle Book
You'll discover everything you need - from beginner to advanced -about living the Vegetarian Lifestyle and eliminating animalproducts from your meals so you can live healthier and transformyour body.

#4) The Easy Veggie Meal Plans
You'll get a 90-day meal plan (for men or women) full of vegan mealsthat will save you time and money. You'll have more energy and abetter body without tainted meat or factory farmed Frankenfoods.

These meal plans will also include alternatives for men and womenwho want to include dairy and/or eggs in their meal plans.

#5) The Quick Start Veggie Meal Plans Coaching Call
Here's everything you need to know to get started on the VeggieLifestyle, and you'll avoid "rookie mistakes" or worse, avoidfalling back into your old bad eating habits.

All that and MORE is available here:
=> Veggie Meal Plans

But hurry, the Fast Action Bonuses will only be available fromMonday to Thursday, and then they'll be removed!

Plus, Craig and Kardena have released the Easy Veggie Meal Plans ata 50% discount until Thursday, July 30th, at midnight.

But as soon as Friday morning hits, the price goes up!
So don't miss out on changing your nutrition program so that youhave more energy, better health, and the ability to transform yourbody in just weeks.

PS - That is NOT a typo.
The Veggie Meal Plans are on SALE for 3 days only AND you get the extra Fast Action Bonuses when you get started today.

Don't miss out on your last chance to change your body before theend of summer.
Let me know when you get started. Click here for your new meal plans:
=> Veggie Meal Plans

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