Monday, July 13, 2009

A 6 Pack Abs Lunch and Musings from the Gym.

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I had a very healthy an quick lunch today (thanks to some prep work yesterday). Although I am not a huge fan, I had a pouch of tuna (Isn't as fishy tasting as a can) today. When it come to fish I'd really prefer salmon, tilapia, shrimp or lobster, but my wife has plenty of tuna in the pantry and Jon Benson's Radical Fat Loss Blueprint (see link at the right for your free copy) says I should eat it.

So how did I make it so I liked it? I added veggies!! Last night I cut up a bunch of bell peppers and some green onions so that I could use them while cooking this week. I threw the bell peppers and green onions in with the tuna and mixed all of that with 1 tbsp of mayo (made with olive oil). I then added some balsamic vinegar to totally make sure I got rid of the fishy taste.

Overall it was a meal that was very low in cals but had a decent amount of protein. This is a very quick meal that will really help me get ripped and get to see my 6 pack.

For the vegetarians/vegans out there, I will have a free vegetarian/vegan meal plan for you on Wed. Craig for Turbulence Training has put a new meal plan system together with no meat products and is offering me 1 of the meal plans from his system for free on Wed. Good thing I will be able to share it with you!

Gym Musings

I'm going to add a section to my blog about what I see and hear in the gym, whether it is good or bad or just really odd!

Today I was in the gym and saw this overweight guy go to the Smith machine to do squats. There is no squat rack in my gym so we are forced to use the Smith machine for heavy squats (My gym is kinda like Average Joes from 'Dodgeball', but that story is for another day). This guy proceeds to load up the Smith machine to around 245lbs and I was impressed. Well I was impressed until I saw him perform the squat. He could barely make it halfway down and his thighs were no where near parallel to the ground!

After seeing this, I reminded myself that in order to see the results I wanted that I would have to check my ego at the door. If that means I have to lower a weight so I can do an exercise with proper form, then I will lower the weight. Doing an exercise 'halfway' or without proper form will not get you any results, or not the results you are looking for.

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