Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Day for FREE Bonuses with Holy Grail

Any time a new fitness, fat loss or body transformation program is released, you can’t help but to ask yourself…

What makes this than any different than any other program, book or seminar that’s already out there?

Usually, the answer is “not much.”

But this week, something very unique and interesting was released:

Tom Venuto’s new “Holy Grail system.”

Tom is the guy that wrote “Burn the fat, Feed the muscle”, which is considered a fat loss classic. He’s also a writer for Men’s Fitness, he’s been seen in Oprah magazine, he’s written national and #1 Amazon bestsellers, and as a natural bodybuilder, he’s one of the guys who really walks the walk (just check out his abs!).

So what’s any different about his new program?

Tom says, This is the new – and only – program that teaches you how to:

a) Gain muscle without gaining fat (no bulking up, just lean muscle)

b) Lose fat without losing muscle

c) Gain muscle while losing fat at the same time (the “holy grail” of fitness goals)

As part of his new program release promotion, all week long

Tom has been giving away 4 limited-time bonuses worth $114.80, but the offer ends tonite at midnight at:

Holy Grail

BONUS #1: Extreme And Controversial Fat Loss Techniques (Ebook $19.95 value)

Cardio on an empty stomach? Eat less at night? Ketogenic diets? Very high protein? Low calorie rapid fat loss diets? High volume cardio? No food after cardio?

These are just a handful of the controversial rapid fat loss techniques that are analyzed for risks versus benefits in this revealing 27-page report. Read this and find out (a) if these methods work at all and (b) if they work, are they also too risky for you?

BONUS #2: Super Lean Seminar – Secrets Of Achieving Very Low Body Fat (Audio MP3 and ebook Transcripts $49.95 value)

Get Tom's “Secret Weapon” strategies for reaching super-low body fat and dropping those last 10 stubborn pounds. Find out how the “anti starvation hormone” prevents you from getting lean, how to boost the “good hormones” naturally, how to break any fat loss plateau, advanced “peaking methods” to look “super-lean” for photo shoots or contests, which 2 natural herbs eliminate water retention and make your muscles look more defined overnight and much more.

BONUS #3: The Science Of Goal Achievement – 10 Secrets of Subconscious Mind Power and 7 Secrets of Scientific Goal Setting (e-book, 55 pages, $29.95 value)

Most people try to force changes with willpower, but willpower doesn’t last. Subconscious mind power is the real secret to putting healthy eating and training habits on automatic pilot:

Using just 1 of the 10 subconscious secrets could help you bust old habits and create permanent behavior change

BONUS #4: How To Measure Your Body Fat In The Privacy Of Your Own Home (ebook) $19.95 value)

It’s NOT just about the scale. What’s more important is your body composition – your ratio of muscle to fat. Many people are losing muscle and they don’t even realize it, because they don’t know how to measure it. This e-book will teach you a simple 2-minute test you can use to measure your body fat at home… If you start measuring your progress the right way, you can lose 100% pure fat!

When you get the Holy Grail program today, you get all 4 of these bonuses, (seriously good info, valued at $114.80) for FREE!!!

(last day! don’t miss!)

Holy Grail