Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1 Month into TC#5, 1 Month Closer to 6 Pack Abs

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This Monday marked 1 month into Turbulence Training's Transformation Contest #5 for me. I am proud to say that my weight is down 6lbs from the start of the contest and I now weigh 188lbs.

With the arrival of our new baby, I have not had time to do any measurements (I have barely had time to sleep, lol!), but I can see the results in the mirror so I know a majority, if not all, of my weight loss is a reduction in fat and not muscle.

The beginning of this week also marked a new Turbulence Training program for me. I started the TT Hardcore Fatloss program and think I am really going to like it! I change workouts every 4 weeks to keep my body guessing. I think this workout will have my body asking mercy after the 4 weeks!

Don't get me wrong TT for Reformed Meatheads was an awesome workout program. The super-sets really melted the fat away but I was also able to use heavy weights too! But it's always nice to change it up and surprise the body with a new workout!

TT Hardcore Fatloss is very different from any other TT program that I have done before. The program calls for 5 or 6 days of working out (1 day of HIIT is optional), where a normal Turbulence Training program has 3 workouts and leaves the other days of the week as optional 30 minutes of fun activity.

TT Hardcore Fatloss also varies the HIIT which is always nice. Craig has me doing intervals on the bike, treadmill and body weight circuits. I love the variety and the resistance part of the workout should allow me to still use heavy weights.

I am really motivated to try and become a finalist for this contest. I think that will allow me to prove that you can get your 'dream body' even if you have a busy lifestyle. I believe that if I can lose 8 more pounds of fat that I will have body fat at or below 10% which should allow everyone to see my 6 pack!!

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