Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday's Off-Day Workout and Meals to help get 6 pack abs

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We all know that your body adjusts to your workouts pretty quickly (if you didn't know that, you do now!). So although I do my Turbulence Training workout programs for 4 weeks, I always try to either increase my weight or do more repetitions.

I also try to keep my off-day workouts (lighter workouts than my TT workouts) different from week to week (off day workouts are Tues, Thurs and Sat or Sun depending on what day of the weekend I take).

Yesterday I tried a workout I never tried before!! I jogged down the block to the community pool and swam laps!! Since I have not done any swimming in a long time I treated my laps like intervals. I would swim 2 laps (1 freestyle, 1 breast stroke) and then rest for 1 minute (my watch is waterproof thankfully). I did 7 intervals total and then dried off and jogged back home.

Man was I sore this morning!! My lats and abs felt like they were on fire! Now that is a sign that my body was not expecting that workout!

I also tried something different for my meal plan too. I didn't eat anything! Yep, I tried 2 days of Eat Stop Eat this week. I had no problems and actually feel great today. Lets hope the scale gives me a good # on Sunday. I know the mirror is already showing encouraging signs!

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