Sunday, June 14, 2009

Music & 6 Pack Abs

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From the title of this post, you are probably thinking; "What does music have to do with finally getting 6 Pack Abs?" Well it may have nothing to do with your journey, but it plays a very big role in my journey to getting lean and finally seeing my 6 pack.

I committed one of the biggest workout sins today!! I went to the gym today and forgot my IPod!

My IPod is like my lifeline when I workout for a couple of reasons:

1. The music my gym plays over their speakers stinks!

2. If people come up to talk to me when I am exercising, I 'pretend' that I do not hear them because of my headphones. I know this sounds mean, but in order for my Turbulence Training workouts to be effective, I need to keep my rest period short. I can not do that if I am talking to others between sets. This also works the opposite way too. If you are done with your workout and want to know what the fools doing hours of boring cardio are talking about then shut your IPod off, but leave your headphones on. They will think you're consumed in music and continue their conversation!

3. It helps my tempo when lifting weights. I love to listen to hard rock when I lift (AC/DC, Guns N'Roses, etc.) and the drum beats are very easy to count and use the tempo to lower the weights.

4. Ever get to the set or exercise in your workout when you are just too tired to go on or maybe only feel like doing half the set? Well this is the point where you can really change your body if you push through and complete that final set or exercise.

I have a 'go to' song on my IPod that really gets me pumped up and gives me the energy I need to complete that last set or exercise. I've used this song since high school baseball to get pumped up. My team used to take the field to it at our home games and years later, my wife and I walked out to it playing at our wedding reception introduction! Check it out:

5. Concentrating on the music while doing the high intensity part of my intervals makes it go by a lot faster!

6. Stress can greatly slow your fat loss efforts! So to try and bring my stress levels down after a hard day of work, I take my dog and son out for a walk around the neighborhood. Of course the IPod comes with us and I like to listen to jazz, blues and acoustic guitar.

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