Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do You Have To Gain Fat to Gain Muscle?!?!

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Below is a guest blog from my friend, Tom Venuto:
Tom is one of the all-time experts in fat loss, body-building and improving body composition. This is great stuff from Tom, as always (and free stuff is always cool!)
It’s so darn frustrating! Most people GAIN FAT when they try to gain muscle!
The worst part is that “the experts” tell you that you HAVE TO gain fat to gain muscle. It’s sheer nonsense!
In this F-R-E-E report I show you the EXACT reasons why most people gain fat when they try to gain muscle and how you can stay lean and KEEP YOUR ABS showing - even when you’re gaining muscular bodyweight.

This information on how to gain SOLID LEAN MUSCLE is not based on guesswork or theory… this system comes from research – AND from actual real-life trials and tribulations (mine!)
Get Your Copy of My F-R-E-E Report, “The End of Bulking"
Inside, You’ll Discover:
* Why almost all traditional methods of gaining muscle make you fat… and how you can add lean mass while staying lean ALL YEAR ROUND!
* The 7 pitfalls of the old “bulking and cutting” method and the 10 new “Holy Grail Body Transformation” methods for gaining rock-solid fat-free muscle.
* Why women need these new muscle-building methods even more than men!(hundreds are already using this system to build sleek, lean, feminine muscular bodies, without looking “bulky”)
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