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Maximize Your Muscle FAQ

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The past 2 days I've received a load of inquires about Vince Del Monte's Maximize Your Muscle program, so I thought we could run through each one at a time.

If you needed an answer before signing up then I hope you opened this in time because EVERYTHING you need is answered below.

Question #1: Is MYM for women, too?

Absolutely, I guess you haven't see pictures of Vince's new wife Flavia?  She's an MYM follower
too and I know Vinny has zero intentions of bulking up his wife!  LOL

I ve met Flavia and she would tell you, "My arms, legs and stomach didn't start seeing muscle
tone and definition until I started pushing myself with Vinny's stuff." 

Maximize Your Muscle <--- Ladies, get super sexy and lean HERE 

Vince would advise the ladies to push just as hard as the men when lifting weights - no
changes or modifications there.  However, Vince does suggest females keep their carbs specifically timed around breakfast and before or after their workouts and they'll gain lean and clean muscle - zero fat. 

Vince also suggests ladies maintain regular interval cardio like skipping, stairs or sprinting
for 10-20 minutes post-weights and you're going to have a sexy and deadly body. 

The biggest difference between women of the same size, while one looks "okay" and the other
looks "smokin hot", is one thing: LEAN MUSCLE.

Maximize Your Muscle <--- Get the body women REALLY want!

Question #2: I'm in my 60's, should I give this a shot?

Surprisingly, the winner of Vince's 16-week transformation contest was in his mid 40's
and two of his other top success stories (Bruce and Tom) were in their 40's and 60's as well. 

It's funny, Vinny told me that a lot of 40-60 year olds discovered they were just "babying themselves" too much in the gym.  It wasn't until they trusted the program and their body that they got rapid results.

That being said, if you're a complete beginner, nursing an injury, unfamiliar with intense lifting, or just not confident in yourself, leave your copy on the shelf for someone else. 

Vince's program is the perfect challenge and opportunity to increase the quality of your life and trick your body into making it look and feel younger (muscle is a metabolic
marker that has been researched to do both).          

Vince coaches you on how to improve your flexibility, how to recover, eat properly and take care of yourself between the workouts - this is the info that will make you successful.  Vince's monthly series is a curriculum based program based on progression so each month
he introduces a new challenge and as long as you follow the plan, you can't go wrong.

Plus, he provides coaching in his forum and on the phone so that he can tweak anything you're concerned with.

Finally, MYM is intense and requires you to lift anywhere from 4-6 times a week for 30-90 minutes a workout in some Phases.  If that sounds like "too much" than this is definitely not for you. 

I personally think you'll be pleasantly surprised just like Vinny's other over 40 members who have got better results now than they did in their 20's (some even got into competing)!

Maximize Your Muscle <------- Age is just a number, I m going for it!

Question #3: What's included in the 14-day trial for $1.00?

The starter kit comes with:

**The 2-CD "Blow Beyond Your Genetic Potential" CDwhere Joel Marion grilled Vince about living "large" in everyaspect of life, inside and outside of the gym.

**The 20-page Phase 1 MYM Digital Newsletter andworkout log

**The 2-hour Phase 1 Workout DVD (intense footageshot LIVE at the gym - this you MUST see!)

**The Phase 1 LIVE 90-minute coaching call whereyou can ask Vince you personal questions about theprogram (get on the phone with a world-class coach!) 

**Access to the Maximize Your Muscle Members Only Discussion Forums where you can interact andget support with other like-minded members doingthe same exact program as you -- This is HUGE.

And you get instant digital access for ONE BUCK!

It's a 14-day trial and if you are satisfied then you'll be billed $29.95 for Phase 1 and for every future Phase you want (there are 12 in total) then you'll be billed $29.95 once a month and you can cancel anytime.

I suggest you give the 14-day trial a shot… someone giving you his best info for only ONE BUCK must be pretty confident that you'll love it:

Maximize Your Muscle <------- Get ALL that for just $1

Question #4: What's the catch?

Vince could easily sell Phase 1, 100 Rep Muscle, as a stand alone product for $47-$97.  The truth is, he simply wants the RIGHT people in the program.

He's tired of working with babies and excuse-makers.  This program is dedicated to people who are super-serious and want to live large inside and outside of the gym.

He's allowing you to try it with a "low-barrier" so that he can filter out people who don't belong.  As a coach, myself, I can appreciate that and actually think it's a brilliant idea. 

When you check out the membership forum, you'll only find positivity and high-quality people who are motivating each other to do their best. 

If you like MYM, you'll be billed $29.95 after 14-days for Phase 1 and then you'll be billed $29.95 every 30-days from the day you signed up to receive future Phases.  So it's basically a $29.95 program to get access to one of the top muscle-building coaches in the world.

You get a new program each month, 1-1 phone and forum coaching and a newsletter that contains
info on how to achieve success inside and outside the gym.

It would be absolutely stupid for Vince to give away his best information he wasn't confident that you would love it and want to stay on board until you complete the 12 Phases.  Simply put, he's OVER-deliveredand wants to prove it to you for $1.  Then, you decide:

Maximize Your Muscle <------- $1, then you decide

Question #5: How many people quit his program after the first month?

Interesting question!  Vince opened this up back in January and had over 1000 members and then again in April with 1400 members and he informed me that only 20% decided that MYM wasn't for them.


One top reason:  It was too challenging.

Now, Vince has not changed anything to appeal to the 20% who found the workouts too advanced.This IS for people with at least 1-4 years of training who have hit plateaus and ready to bust through.

Question #6: What happens each month after Phase 1 if I choose to stay on board as a member?

**A Brand New 2-hour Workout DVD with a brand newworkout

**Phase 2 is called 5-Day Whole Body Vinsanity and based
on killer whole body workouts lasting 75-minutes each. Literally,
the hardest workout of your life.

**Phase 3 is called Crank Up The Volume (my absolute favourite)
is designed to build defined, full and round muscles.

**Phase 4 is called Ripped and Rush and gives the fastest
way to get shredded in 28-days for your photo shoot.

Oh yeah, Vinny has a 16-week transformation contest and
gives away $5,000 worth of cash prizes to top contestants! 

And currently they are Phase 9 and I think he's doing 12-16 Phases in total… Let's worry about Phases 1 for today! 

**Continued Access to the MYM Members Only DiscussionForums

**A 90-min Mastermind and Body Q&A call each monthwhere you get direct coaching from Vince. 

**A brand new 20-page content rich digital newsletter (info he does not share for free on his blog or anywhere else). 

I can vouch for the program and tell you it's damn good.But you be the judge -- try the entire thing for just $1:

Maximize Your Muscle <== click here

Question #7: What's the best part of the MYM program?

The price!  Apart from the $1 trial, I personally thinkthe monthly price (which you will never be billed if youdecide MYM is not for you) is extremely low consideringwhat you're getting each month.

Monthly coaching and direct access to the #1 namein muscle-building for less than the cost of a sessionwith a decent personal trainer?

90 mins on the phone each month?Private access via the members only forums?

4 weeks of programs (the equivalent of roughly 10personal training sessions) while having your programsdesigned by the #1 leading muscle building experthimself for less than cost of ONE personal trainingsession with a semi-decent trainer?

That's VALUE.  If you don't see that, then I don't meanto be blunt, but the program isn't for you.

Maximize Your Muscle <------- EXTREME Value and expert access each month

Last Question: Is this really opened for only 72-hours?

Depending on when you read this, it might already be closed.  Vince is NOT bluffing.  He closed registration after 3-days in January and after 3-days in April and it's been closed since. 

If you miss out then you'll have to wait till January 2011.  Vince doesn't want the group to become "overcrowded", so he's only taking new members until tonight at midnight , then the program will be CLOSED.

BUT, right now it's just $1 to try and you'll have a full14 days to evaluate if the program is right for you.  Ifnot, you can easily cancel and you'll never be billedanything further (Vince even gives you the cancellation email address).  This is an honest "ethical" bribe to allow you to try the BEST muscle-building confidence boosting,lean body program around for just $1.

We know it's awesome, but we're letting you decide.If you don't agree, please cancel (and never be billed).The $1 trial PLUS is available until tonight, then the site will be CLOSED to new members for at least 4 months.  

Try it "on us" for just a buck (cancel anytime):

Maximize Your Muscle<------- Site CLOSES tonight @ 11:59 p.m.!!!!!!

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  1. Cool to see the guy at 40's with his good looking body. I am 22 years old, a female, very chubby before and I am starting to lose weight and aiming for rock hard abs. I am so strict with my diet and seeing the 40 year old guy is an inspiration.