Thursday, September 2, 2010

Offer is Closing! Hurry!

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I wanted to give you a one last courtesy notice about Vince's Maximize Your Muscle monthly series closing down today.

Maximize Your Muscle (only $1) <------ closing til January 4th, 2011

This is your last chance to try out Phase 1 featuring 100 Rep Muscle, which will begin the day you say goodbye to plateaus forever. 

Tonight at midnight the page will come down and be replaced with a "Offer Closed" sign, which means YOU missed out!

YMaximize Your Muscle (only $1) <----  going… going…

NOTE:  Vince asked me to politely ask you to not email him for a 2nd chance, he has to do what he promised.

Next week he begins working with the members that took action.

Congratulation if you did get Maximize Your Muscle

BTW, you are now apart of an elite 1% group. 

If not…

This is your ABSOLUTE last chance. 

Here is the link before I go hit the gym myself:

Maximize Your Muscle (only $1) <----- hurry 

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