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Holy Grail FAQ's

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I know there has been a lot of questions regarding Tom Venuto's new ebook, "The Holy Grail Body Transformation," so I asked Tom to answer a lot of the common questions.

I just bought the book and got all of Tom's FREE bonuses last night (bonuses run out Friday).  I'm still in the midst of reading it, but I really like what I've read so far.  For those of you that are still skeptical I plan to start The Holy Grail next week and post weekly reviews/updates of my progress.

Until then, here's Tom's FAQ's:

The Holy Grail Body Transformation

Q: What is overall premise behind the Holy Grail body transformation? specifically, what makes it possible that you could actually put on lean muscle while losing fat at the same time?

A: The Holy grail is a nutrition and training system based on cyclical dieting - by planning periods of positive calorie balance and periods of negative energy balance you shift into and out of muscle building and fat burning.

The net result over time is better body composition - more muscle and less fat.

The program also shifts within-day calorie balance by providing more calories at specific times around workouts and this type of nutrient timing has a very anabolic (muscle-building effect).

(also if you eat more at certain times, the food almost never gets stored as fat, so in the holy grail, "timing is everything")

Last but not least, everything in the program is designed to optimize hormones which improve "nutrient partitioning" (which is WHERE nutrients go - into fat or into muscle) so the holy grail helps direct nutrients into muscle cells and pull fat out of fat cells.

All of this is pretty darn exciting if you ask me!

Q: Does this program work for women?

Absolutely. In fact, one of the big differences between the Holy Grail and other muscle gain programs is it avoids the classical muscle gain program problem: gaining fat along with the muscle, aka "bulking up."

Many women DO want to gain some muscle (even if they call it muscle "tone"), but I don't know any women who want to get bulky.  The Holy grail helps you develop lean muscle not bulk.

Q: Do we learn with the holy grail how to get a body "Brad Pitt Style?" I want to make sure not to look as a typical weightlifter and end up like Arnold in Pumping Iron. I prefer a slim look so I can buy normal looking clothes.

A: The huge pro bodybuilders at the highest level typically use steroids and other drugs, so the average person gets the wrong idea about the type of muscle size you can realistically achieve.

Holy grail is a NATURAL program so getting humongous is not going to happen anyway.

As for brad pitt in fight club or TROY physique - that is a lot closer to what most guys want. Since the Holy grail
program does NOT put you on bulking phases, you gain only lean body mass and you only gain the amount you want.

This way you look good all year round (no "fat season" where you need two sets of clothes), you look good out of clothes, and you fit in and look good in nice clothes too.

Q: Does this program require a lot of time in the gym? I'm VERY interested in trying to gain some muscle while losing fat, but I don't have a lot of time to spare.

The training program that comes with the Holy Grail program is called T.N.B workout - and you can do it on a traditional schedule that could be as much as 4 days a week for up to an hour.

However, for people who are very busy, I teach several tricks in the program for abbreviating the workouts so you can get almost equal results in half the time. (I'm not saying its easier, it's just more condensed)

I show you how to (1) change the split routine to take fewer workouts per week, (2) cut back the exercises that will produce lower anabolic response and keep the ones that give most bang for the buck

Then I give you a "periodiziation plan" for your training where the intensity increases with each workout, and as long as you train hard, then you can get amazing result from just 3
brief weight workouts a week.

Q Tom, you're getting prolific! What is the difference between all your books and which one should I get (YES! I want to gain muscle and lose fat)

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM)?
The Holy Grail?

A:  BFFM is a fat loss program - is not a muscle building program per se. BFFM is better for people with a lot of weight to lose. It's also good for people who are already lean and want to go all the way to 'ripped' because there
is a more advanced "contest level" plan in BFFM.

BFFM is the most comprehensive fat loss nutrition program that has been published in the last 10 years. people call it "the bible of fat loss nutrition."

This new holy grail program is primarily about:

1) how to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time
2) how to gain muscle without gaining fat

So  the Holy Grail assumes that gaining at least *some* muscle is one of your goals.

Get the Grail + $114.80 in FREE bonuses:

Q:  I was told by a nutritionist that I cannot improve my Body mass index (BMI) because of my age and hormones. I'm 47 and female. Are they right?

A:  Fire your nutritionist. Why would you work with someone who says you can't improve? Also, forget BMI. The holy grail is about body composition - improving muscle to fat ratio, not worrying just about scale weight or government standards.

As for age and hormones in your 40's - EVERYONE can improve upon themselves at any age and I think 40-something is still young (I am forty-something you know).  Some of the BEST body transformations we saw in our recent fitness contest were from 40-somethings and we had  finalists in their 50s and 60s.

I will post some of their before and after photos on the website tonite so I can show them to you tomorrow. I'll let you know when they're up (VERY motivating!)

Q: How long does your program last? 6 weeks? 12 weeks? what kind of results could we expect in that time?

A: There's no specified time frame. Conceivably, you could use the holy grail techniques as briefly or as long as you need  to in order to reach your goals.

We've sponsored a body transformation contest that ran 49 days and in just that short 49 day period, our contestants achieved absolutely amazing results. You can see some of those original before and afters on the website at

In a longer period like 12-14 weeks, you could COMPLETELY transform your body composition and look like a different person; thats what happens when you gain muscle AND lose fat:

If you just lose fat, you sometimes end up looking like a smaller version of yourself. With holy grail your body composition transforms.

Get the Grail + $114.80 in FREE bonuses:

Q:  I have your first book, BFFM and while I used it and it worked great for me, I started a new job and I now find it almost impossible to eat 5 or 6 times a day like a bodybuilder. But since I stopped following your BFFM (sorry Tom), I have put the weight back around my belly, which is extremely frustrating and demoralising because I
was in such good shape in my BFFM days.

I want to lose the belly and also gain some muscle so your promise of doing both intrigued me, but I am currently doing three meals a day and I'm wondering if this goal is possible with only 3 meals a day?

A: 4-6 smaller meals per day is in my opinion, still the "best practice" particularly on muscle-building programs, because there are higher calorie days and spreading out the intake makes it easier for most people to hit the protein and calorie targets.

That said, yes you can cut back to fewer meals a day (3-4 m or 3 m + snacks or 3m + post workout drink)... provided you hit your daily macro and calorie needs. You have to hit your daily targets.

If you do cut back your meal frequency, then the nutrient timing part of the Holy Grail program (particularly as it relates to food timing around workouts) will be especially important for you.

Q: Is the holy grail available in hard cover and CD?

A: The holy grail program is fully downloadable - the 109 page manual is a PDF ebook and the audios are MP3s.  This program is not available in stores - exclusively at the grail website

Q: What if your program doesn't work for me?

Then you don't pay a cent. You get 60 days to try it and that is MORE than enough time to see it work for you. If it doesn't work to your total satisfaction, you get a complete refund, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

I do have more questions I can answer, but that's all I have time for now. If you have a question that wasn't answered here, let me know and I'll add more answers to the list.

Thats it for now. 

Be sure to Get the Grail before our
special offer ends this week ($114.80 in FREE bonuses):

train hard and expect success!

Tom venuto

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