Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 Pack Abs Call with Vince and Scott!!

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After the Transformation Contest #5, I decided to take a week and a half off from the gym and working out, just to rest my body (you should always take 1 week off for 12 straight weeks of work). Since today is my last day off before I go back to my workouts, I decided to join a conference call that discussed how to get ripped six pack abs.

The call was hosted by Vince Delmonte and Scott Colby, both experts in the fitness industry. Vince has 2 great programs: "No Nonsense Muscle Building" and "Your Six Pack Quest." Scott has a new product called "My First Six Pack."

I have been receiving Vince's emails for a while now, so when he said they were offering a free conference about how to lose fat and get six pack abs, I was in!! I am actually planning on buying Vince's products after I am done with Turbulence Training this year.

I have never heard of Scott before, but since Vince was recommending him, I was sure he'd be very knowledgeable.

The call was great, I reaffirmed some things I already knew and also learned a lot. Its great to see how Scott's advice is very similar to Turbulence Training.

Since the call was about getting 6 pack abs, the call was based on fat loss.

Scott said that he never does ab specific exercises like crunches, but instead does high intensity full body workouts (Sound similar to Turbulence Training??). Scott also believes in doing compound exercises to make sure he hits his abs. One of Scott's favorite compound exercises that really hits the abs hard is an overhead squat. This is a basic squat with either a barbell or DB's held straight over your head. It's a lot harder than it sounds, try it!!

Scott's workout sessions are very high in intensity and thus pretty short. 3 days a week he will workout almost in a boot camp like method. He keeps on moving to keep the intensity high so there is no need for long boring cardio.

On the other 3 days of the week (Scott takes one day off during the week), he does HIIT. Scott says he primarily does sprints but like to also use swimming, jumping rope and burpees.

Like Craig from Turbulence Training, Scott also believes in eating an all natural diet. He suggests that instead of relying on the front of a package, to instead read all of the ingredients. If there are a bunch of ingredients, and you can not pronounce most of them, then you do not want to eat it!!

Scott also suggested that in order to get enough fruits and veggies, to have fruit smoothies with some spinach thrown in (Veggie Meal plan anyone? lol)

During the call I managed to get a question in that I think a lot of people wonder about:

"How do you lose the last 10-15lbs of fat to get down below 10% body fat so you can see your 6 pack?"

Scott said it usually comes down to tweaking something small with your diet. He suggested to stop using or cut down on processed carbs. For whole wheat bread, he suggested to check the ingredients because it could be processed. Instead, he suggested Ezekiel Bread, which is all natural. He also suggested instead of whole wheat bread to substitute sweet potatoes and oatmeal for your carbs.

Scott says when he is trying to cut fat, he only has those types of carbs 2 days out of the week.

Vince reminded me that fat is stored energy and just like the fat that I have lost, it will take time to burn. He said patience is key when trying to lose the last 10lbs.

Vince also suggested that you cut all protein shakes and eat normal whole foods because the thermogenics is higher. He also emphasized not to under estimate the little things, especially in your diet!

PS. Scott also is offering his new product My First Six Pack, which is a 16 week coaching product. Scott will coach you week by week to make sure that you are getting the proper info about your diet and exercise in order to see your six pack abs.

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