Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Workout Program - Let's Build Some Muscle!!

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I decided to really try and fool my body with my new workout program. I started the Turbulence Training for Muscle this week. Yes, I my ultimate goal is to get ripped, which means losing enough fat to get below 10% body fat so I can see my six pack abs.

BUT remember, your body adapts quickly. I think that doing a muscle building program until the Transformation Contest 6 would be a nice change.

This program consists of4 workouts a week. I'm doing them on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday. Since this is a muscle building program, I am using heavier weights and performing less repetitions. There is also a little more rest time between exercises in the supersets and even between each set.

Don't be fooled though! Craig has written a great workout that still uses a lot of whole body exercises (Squats, Dead-Lifts, etc.) and he keeps you working out at a quick pace! I was out of the gym for each of my workouts this week in under 40 minutes.

The biggest change from the original Turbulence Training program is that there is no HIIT required. Since my long term goal is to get lean and ripped, I will plan on doing some HIIT (most likely intervals on the heavy bag) during my off days.

I will continue to use Turbulence Training for Muscle until the start of Transformation Contest 6. After I start the competition I start a program that is meant for fat loss.

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