Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Made the Turbulence Training Tranformation Contest Finals!!

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My hard work has really paid off this year. First, I'm seeing great results in the mirror in my quest to get ripped and see my six pack abs! Second, Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training has picked me for a finalist for the Transformation Contest 5!!

So now I'm asking you to vote for me (okay, I'm begging you!!).

Just click this link:

Transformation Contest 5

Then click the 'Vote for Men' link to see the male contestants. I'm the second good looking guy down. Please vote for me!!

Here's what I looked like when I started Turbulence Training on December 28, 2008:

And here's how far I've come!! 31lbs lost this year with Turbulence Training!! My before and after for the Transformation Contest 5:

Pretty nice results huh?? I'm still planning to keep going so I can get my body fat down below 10%, which will get me ripped 6 pack abs!! My wife, Allison, is so impressed with my results that she will be joining the next contest with me. She believes that she will be able to get her pre-pregnancy body back! I personally believe her body will look better than it did before baby if she sticks with Turbulence Training. (Yes, I will have pictures and blog updates following her progress.)

So if you want to see some dramatic results and have a chance to win $1,000, I suggest you join the next Transformation Contest. Click her to sign up for Turbulence Trainings Transformation Contest 6! Believe me, its the best $40 that you can invest in yourself!!

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  1. Hey Mike... good luck at the TT finals! I'm following your blog now so I look forward to hearing how it goes. Check my fitness blog also at, and follow if you like. Keep up the good work!