Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mistakes with my intermittent fasting

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I discoverd a mistake in my intermittent fasting that I hope you can learn from.

I usually fast twice a week and have been following Eat Stop Eat since February. I have seen great results since I started fasting, but I realized a mistake I was making that when corrected, should lead to more fat loss.

So what was I doing wrong? I was eating too much!

I know what you're thinking, if I was fasting, how was I eating too much?? I wasn't eating at all during my 24 hour fast. It's after the fast ended that I was eating too much! I wasn't eating junk, but my meal size was too big and effecting my fat loss.

Eat Stop Eat is based off of weekly calorie counting. So if my daily maintence level (calories at which you will not gain or lose weight) is 2,500 calories, then your weekly maintence calorie level is 17,500 (2,500 x 7).

I usually eat at maintence five days a week and consume 12,500 calories. The other two days of the week I will fast from dinner the night before to dinner the day of. Up until today I would eat a healthy dinner, but it would be quite large, probably 800-1,000 calories.

If I eat a dinner of 1,000 calories two times a week then my weekly calories is now at 14,500 calories. That puts me at a deficet of 3,000 calories which is almost a pound (lb = 3,500 calories). This is also a deficet without any exercise factored in.

BUT if I lower my meals to 400-500 calories after a fast then I can increase my caloric deficet to 4,000 calories, which will help expedite my fat loss!! This may not seem like a big change, but it adds up over time.

Lowering my total calories consumed after I fast will help me get to my ripped six pack abs even faster!

Eat Stop Eat has really helped me lose a lot of fat throughout my weight loss journey and should help even more now that I've correct my post-fast meals. To find out how Eat Stop Eat works (including how your growth hormones increase when you use it) please follow the link below:

=>Eat Stop Eat

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