Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Tip & Thurs Workout and Meals - 10/8

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Quick Tip: When you get up in the morning make sure that you have at least 2 glasses of water. Why? Would you go to work and not drink anything for the 8 hours you were there? Probably not, but that is what you are doing when you're sleeping so make sure you re-hydrate when you wake up.

If you're like me, you need your morning coffee. Make sure you drink your 2 cups of water first because coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate you even more!

Thursday's Workout

I have to admit that every time I look at one of Craig's Turbulence Training workouts and think 'this will be a piece of cake,' I'm dead wrong!!

Today I made that mistake yet again!! I did Workout B from TT's Lean and Jacked. This is more of a leg workout and does Craig really try and kill your legs!

Instead of the usual superset, Craig starts you off with one exercise where you're told to use enough weight to get 8 reps. The only difference is that you only get 30 seconds rest between sets!! I always try to use a weight that challenges me so this was rough! But rough in a good way!!

I then continued the workout and did another superset. By this time my legs were burning and I would have been happy going home, but I wasn't done. Craig then throws his 'Kettlebell 500' at you! This was 500 repititions of kettlebell and body weight exercises. All of the exercises were made up of compound movements so your abs were getting hit hard throughout the 500 reps. Oh and I did it with as little rest as possible (that's where the 'Lean' part of the workout comes in!)

I really think that Lean and Jacked is my favorite Turbulence Training workout!

Thurday's Meals

I fasted until 2pm when I had a 3 egg omlette with bell peppers, mushrooms and bison.

At 5pm I had a salad with hard boiled egg and turkey on top with balsomic vinegar dressing.

For dinner I plan to have a small piece of steak with mushrooms, onions and spinach.

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