Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's Workouts and Meals

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This is the last week of doing Turbulence Training's Lean and Jacked workout. Remember that if you did join Turbulence Training's Transformation Contest 6 that you have to use a Turbulence Training workout throughout the contest. I haven't decided what I want to start next week yet.


Today I completed workout A from Lean and Jacked which is a chest and back workout with some ab work thrown in.

I moved up all of my weights by at least 5 lbs on DB exercises and 10 lbs when using a barbell. Man was I wiped at the end of my workout. After the first super-set I was pretty spent. The triple presses really took it out of me, but that's why I love that exercise.

If you're following Craig's time recommendations then you will be winded and sweaty by the end of this workout! I measured my heart rate after one of my sets and I was at 80% of my max heart rate.

Today I did my first day this week of Eat Stop Eat (I usually fast 2 days a week). So far today all I've consumed is A LOT of water and 2 cups of black coffee. The more I read about intermittent fasting, the more it makes sense, I'm glad I'm doing it.

Tonight for dinner I plan to have a big salad with green bell peppers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, some chicken and balsamic vinegar.

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