Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Tip for More Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

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I read an interesting article out of the Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport this morning. This tip could help you burn fat faster and even add muscle too!

The study investigated the growth hormone (GH) response to different rest periods during training. 12 healthy trained females participated in the study and were asked to perform lower body resistance exercises. The participants were then assigned different rest intervals of 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 120 seconds.

The study found that the women with the 60 and 120 second rest intervals had a spike in GH after their workouts BUT the women with the 30 second rest intervals had the greatest spike in GH.

So what does this mean?? It means that you should be doing some of your exercises with 30 second rest periods in order to help you get those ripped six pack abs you've always wanted and even gain some muscle.

In my current Turbulence Training workout, Craig has a majority of the exercises done with 60 seconds of rest, but he does have some exercises where there are no super-sets, just 1 exercise that you do with only 30 seconds rest!

reference: Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport 12:73-78, 2009

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