Monday, May 4, 2009

Goals, ever changing....

I'm reading: Goals, ever changing....Tweet this!
Believe it or not, obtaining 6 pack abs is not my only goal. There's the 1 million dollar goal, but I'll stick to eating healthy and fitness.

I am constantly adding goals or changing my current goals. Why? Well what would the dog do if it ever caught the car it was chasing? Probably just sit around and do absolutely nothing. Adding and changing my goals keeps me motivated, which in turn keeps me successful and looking better and better each day.

My newest goal, take a look:

I actually tried to do the planche pushup and fell right on my face. This takes a lot of ab strength. I know I have a lot of work do to be able to do a planche pushup, but this goal should keep me motivated and help me get my 6 pack a little bit quicker!

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