Monday, May 11, 2009

My TT Transformation Contest 5 Entry, 6 pack abs here I come!!

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I officially joined the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest 5 today. Here's my entry post on'>

What can I say, I'm a sucker for punishment and I'm back for my second transformation contest and my 6 pack abs.

I had to laugh at my beginning pictures because I thought I was ahead of where I actually am. (If that makes sense). BUT there are some small mistakes I made in the TT TC4 and I plan to learn from them.I also added some weight since the end of TC4. I have plenty of excuses, but do you really need to hear them? Its in the past and I plan looking forward.

My Goals

1. 6 pack abs!! I really think I can do this although I know its a lot of work.

2. Drink at least 1 gal of water a day.

3. Get 7 hours of sleep when allowed (baby due in less than 3 weeks)

4. Eat 2,300-2,500 cals of natural, healthy foods. I will evaluate my progress and either increase or drop my total cals once I see how much fat I am losing.

5. 1 set of 20 pull-ups, my current max is 12
6. 1 set of 100 push-ups, don't know what my current max is but reaching 100 without rest would be cool.

My Starting Stats at 5/11/09:

Weight 194lbs.

Neck 15.75''

Bi 14''

Bi Flexed 15.5''

Waist 34''

Thigh 22''

Body Fat % using 7 site caliper calc: 19.3%

Body Fat % using 13.8%

If anyone can figure out that difference let me know. LOL.

Pictures are attached. Ladies once again, I'm married. Well unless you are really rich or are named Megan Fox, than we can talk, lol......jking.

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