Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TC6 Entry!

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I'm a little bit behind with this post! I started the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest 6 last Wed.

My goal to gain some lean mass paid off during the off time, but I also gained some unwanted fat too! Actually I gained a lot of unwanted fat, but I think it was a good lesson learned. Even though I wanted to gain lean mass, it does not mean that you can eat anything.

I think I took my muscle gain mindset and tricked myself into thinking that I could eat whatever I wanted. I was wrong.

Anyway, here are my picutures and starting stats for Turbulence Training TC6.

Date Started: Wed Sept 16, 2009

Weight: 199lbs
Waist (Belly Button): 34''
Neck: 15.25''
Bi: 13.25''
Bi Flexed: 15.25
Thigh: 22''

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