Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday's Meals and Workout

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Today was a very good day. I fasted until dinner, following Eat Stop Eat. While fasting I only consumed water, black coffee and green tea. I did NOT add any sugar or milk to the coffee or green tea.

I do not have any problem fasting. Contrary to popular belief, I did not feel light headed or hungry. I actually felt like I had a clearer head and had more energy during the day. I even did my Turbulence Training workout while fasting and felt great during and afterwards!!

For dinner I had tilapia, carrots, mushrooms and spinach.


I did Turbulence Training's Lean and Jacked workout A today.

It was a great upper body workout designed to let you lift heavy but also keep your heart rate up so you are getting resistance training and cardio training at the same time.

My favorite exercise was the Triple Press!

Overall, a very good day! I think I will due will during this contest!

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