Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheat Your Way Thin

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I've seen a couple reviews of 'Cheat Your Way Thin' and have decided that I am not going to buy the program, at least for now. Let me state that the reviews have not tried the system yet, so I'm not saying it doesn't work, the system is just confusing. Being hectic with work and having a kid on the way is not ideal for me to take on a detailed and confusing diet.

Yes I want to get lean, lose my gut fat as soon as possible and finally achieve my 6 pack abs, but I also need a system that is easy to understand and follow.

I belong to the Turbulence Training Member forums and here is one review from another member:

"I'm so glad I'm not the only one here who bought the book!!!
Due to the time difference, I think I must be one of the first ones to buy the was around 8.30AM locally when I received an e-mail that the book went live. Obviously with all the hype that he had created about eating junk food I was excited, I even signed up for the 50% discount. Needless to say I plunked down $47, read the book for 1 hour, ended up disappointed in myself for believing such hypes & then finally I sent an email requesting for a REFUND!I mean, why make dieting so difficult on yourself???

I even mentioned in my e-mail when requesting for the refund that his diet would be too difficult for me to follow. I also told him that I was doing Turbulence Training and the diet in this program was a lot easier to follow.

At least he confirmed the refund, it just hasn't shown up in my PayPal as yet. But yeah, this book is kind of pointless, it's just too difficult to follow and he is just saying stuff what I feel everyone here knows."

Again, I'm not saying the diet doesn't work, I'm just saying that it seems very complex and I don't see a lot of people sticking with a complex diet plan for long. If you can't make it a part of your lifestyle, than diets do exactly what they sound like, DIE!!

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