Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stares and Commitments

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I was able to get in the Turbulence Training AAA Abs workout C in today during lunch in under 35 minutes! This workout was a circuit of about 10 exercises. I did each exercise back-to-back without rest and did 3 sets of the circuit. When I was done my core/abs really felt it!! The amount of stares I get when doing a workout like this is hilarious, but the results are well worth it. I just go into a corner of the gym with my exercise mat, a couple of dumbbells, a stability ball and a jump rope. Once I turn on the Ipod it doesn't matter who stares at me!

The one thing that it takes to get a 6 pack or to be successful in life is commitment. When you make an appointment (whether it be for business or with yourself to go to the gym) don't ditch out because you feel you have better things to do. I had a business appointment today that was scheduled last week. The person I was meeting with promised to email me directions to his office and when I had not heard from him by Monday, I decided to email him and request the directions. Nothing.....Since the appointment was for today and I still did not hear from him, I called him and left a voicemail. The appointment was for 4:30 and I never heard from him (yes I could have looked up directions on the internet, but its just principal). Want to guess who called at 4:40 hoping I was still coming?? I did not pick up the phone because I was so furious and instead sent him a polite email which also contained my original email from Monday and stated that I was a busy person and I had to remove him from my calendar when I did not hear from him. I told him if he'd like to reschedule he could give me a call.

Point being, if you are going to make an appointment or say your going to do something, whether is business, personal or fitness related, keep your word! For those that don't, I have them labeled at ATNA (All talk, No Action) and I hate dealing with these kinds of people.

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