Sunday, April 26, 2009

Todays Workout and Secret Fat Loss Weapon!

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Ok, I'm really pumped so here's my secret fat loss weapon!!

Yes its just a heavy bag (80lbs). But I'm pumped because its something new and its a great way to get a fat burning workout in, while killing A LOT of STRESS. Remember, if you're stressed out, your cortisol levels will be high and its a lot harder to burn fat and get lean. Plus its a full body workout and that means I can make my goal of 6 pack abs even faster!

I got to the gym again today and ate really well too! I think once you get on a role its easier to keep on going!

I did Turbulence Training AAA Abs workout B today. I did each super-set 3 times.

1A) DB 1 Arm Squat and Press 50lb DB 3 sets of 8

1B) Pullup + Kneeup 3 sets, 8,7,6

2A) Front Loaded Bulg Squat 60lb DB 3 sets of 8

2B) Stab Ball Plank Rollout 3 sets of 10

3A) 1 Leg Stab Ball Curl 3 sets of 10

3B) Side Plank DB Lat Raise 15lb DB 3 sets of 10

4A) Burpee x's 10

4B) Chin ups x's 10

4C) Jump Rope 30 sec

If you want to see the workout, you can check it out on YouTube:

If you'd like to have the all 3 workouts, please go here:

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