Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finalist in Turbulence Training Transformation Contest 4!!

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Hey all,

Well I am very happy that my hard work has paid off so far. Out of all of the male competitors in TC4, Craig though that my results were in the top 5 of all the men. Now its up to the public to decide who has had the best body transformation. Please take a look at both the men and women here:

That's some pretty amazing results huh? This is just the beginning for me since I am after that 6 pack! In the final pictures for the contest, I had a body fat % of 12%. I need to get that to below 10% get the abs I want.

That is what I plan to use this blog for accountability and knowledge for those of you who'd also like to do it. I mean just look at the results of the men and women in the contest. Who wouldn't want to lose their gut and get six pack abs? I can let you in on one secret, then I'm going to bed.

IT WASN'T A DIET!! It was a lifestyle change, which I plan to continue going forward.

Everyone have a good night. I will be posting more this week on what helped me be so successful during this contest. I've posted my essay below:

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