Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cheating and Golf

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I know I've been saying that your eating habits (diet) are over 80% of the reason you will or will not obtain 6 pack abs. Well I'm guilty of not following my #1 rule for the last couple of days. Pizza, burgers, soda, etc. The last couple of days have not been good healthy eating. Am I worried, no, but I needed to do something about it and I did! My wife and I went out food shopping and loaded up on fruits, veggies, fish and chicken. I know what it takes to lose fat fast, it comes down to being prepared to do it. Loading up on food and preparing healthy food in advance is the best way not to cheat. I will usually cook 2 huge meals a week, on Sunday and Wed nights. This way I will always have healthy leftovers sitting around so there's no excuse to order a pizza or hit the drive through.

It was very busy this weekend and I did not prepare so I paid the price. Today I did housework and then went food shopping. Yesterday I had an 8 hour baby class (my wife and I are expecting our first) and by the time we got out, we were both physically and mentally drained. Friday I took the day off from work and went down to Pinehurst to play 36 holes of golf. I played great (well for me) and the weather was beautiful.

I have noticed that since I lost the 25lbs that my golf game has gotten a lot better. My stamina has gone through the roof and my flexibility has really improved. It's added to a little more yardage in my clubs, but I think the added flexibility has let me swing more under control. Again I can thank Turbulence Training for not only getting my closer to my six pack abs, but also improving my golf game.

For all of you golfers out there, Craig has actually worked with Susan Hill and created a workout specifically for golfers. You can check it out here: Golf Fitness Challenge.

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